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If a person uses intimidation, coercion, or threats as a means to obtain any goods or services from another individual or organization, it is considered criminal extortion. Extortion is sometimes characterized as a non-violent or white-collar crime and involves issues concerned with the willingness of the victim to succumb to the demands of the accused.

Despite its non-violent nature, extortion is a very serious federal crime in Canada. The Crown works very hard to levy heavy penalties and in most cases long-term prison sentences. Criminal courts will take into account the long-reaching effects of the crime on the victims’ finances and emotional state.

Extortion Penalties and Sentencing in Alberta

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, extortion may be viewed as including a number of other related offences. Examples of these crimes are:

  • Blackmail
  • Bribery
  • Ransom
  • Issuing threats

Individually, these crimes can have long prison sentences. However, when charges are levied in tandem with one another or under the Criminal Code section for extortion (s. 346), the accused could be facing much more severe sentences. If a firearm was used in the commission of an offence contrary to s. 346 (extortion), the accused may be facing a minimum jail sentence of five years (even for a first offence) and as much as a life sentence in jail upon conviction

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