Debit Card and Credit Card Theft in Alberta

Technology has become a major part of our society; everything from debit cards and credit cards, to email transfers and online banking accounts. As we grow into a newly-minted technological society, many people find themselves at the mercy of the learning curve that goes along with it.

The world’s ever-changing landscape of circulating personal information has lead to a significant rise in many types of theft, including:

  • Identity theft
  • Credit card theft
  • Debit card
  • Bank card, or
  • Interact card theft

When these sorts of charges are levied by the Crown, serious consequences should be expected. All forms of personal financial theft regarding debit card and credit card theft have far-reaching consequences on all parties involved. Due to the crime’s anonymous nature and the long-standing financial damage it can cause a victim, the Crown views these crimes with little tolerance.

Because of the increasing prevalence of these crimes, prosecutors are reacting with greater sophistication, gathering more substantial evidence, and demanding severity of sentences when pressing such charges.
If you’ve been accused of any of these crimes, it is important that you understand your legal rights fully and have an experienced defense lawyer in Edmonton work with you to protect your rights and future.





Victims, Banks, and the Police will be Involved

Do not underestimate the lengths to which the Crown will go to prosecute a person for credit or debit card theft. Victims of this crime receive a great deal of sympathy from the courts due to the extensive nature of the damage that can be done.
These sorts of cases are vigorously pursued, not only by the Crown and victims, but by the financial institutions that issued the cards. Banks in most cases can be held holding the debts accrued. As such, they make it their personal mission to work in-depth with prosecutors to provide extensive documentation and hard evidence. The result is zero-tolerance.
Individuals who are accused of credit card data theft, or bank card data theft, should make it their first priority to meet with an experienced Edmonton criminal lawyer immediately. A criminal defense lawyer with a strong knowledge of credit card fraud can navigate the accused through the legal process, and explore numerous avenues to put this matter behind them.

Penalties for Credit Card and Bank Card Theft

It is important to understand the connotations of a theft crime. Depending on the total value stolen, bank and credit card theft are usually seen as $5,000 or less, carrying lighter sentences than those involving fraud involving amounts over $5,000. Due to the nature of credit card and debit card theft, many cases involve numerous charges, including fraud, identity theft, and trust thefts related to employment. Furthermore, the Crown will look at the level of sophistication used by the accused and the total scope of damage.

It is always important that your first call is to an experienced ID theft lawyer in Edmonton. Our team will work hard to fully understand your circumstances when it comes to credit card fraud, bank fraud, and identity theft within Alberta.

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