Vehicle Seizure For Impaired Driving In Edmonton

Being caught for impaired driving carries swift and immediate consequences in Alberta. Under Bill 26, if you are operating or found to be “in care or control of” a motor vehicle with .05 blood alcohol content or higher, you face immediate vehicle seizure and licence suspension and your vehicle will be towed and impounded at your own expense.

How long will a vehicle seizure for impaired driving last in Alberta?

Whether you are found with a blood alcohol content of .05, .08 or higher, the length of vehicle seizure is the same:

  • First offence: 3-day vehicle seizure
  • Second offence: 7-day vehicle seizure
  • Third offence: 7-day vehicle seizure
  • Graduated Drivers Licensing program: drivers in the GDL program are subject to a strict zero tolerance policy; any GDL driver found with a blood alcohol content over .00 BAC is automatically subject to a 7-day vehicle seizure.

The significant difference between .05 blood alcohol content and the .08 BAC legal limit is that being over .08 BAC is a criminal offence and subject to criminal charges under the Criminal Code. As such further penalties also apply if convicted of the offence.




How much are towing and impound fees in Alberta?

For a standard vehicle, a typical tow to an impound lot costs $116 per tow, plus $2 per additional kilometre past 10 km. These prices are averages and may vary depending on the location, the towing company etc. Prices go up for larger vehicles or for longer distance tows. Added to that, each day your vehicle spends in an impound lot will cost you approximately $28 plus GST. A complete list of prices for towing and impounding in Edmonton, can be found at

Vehicle seized for impaired driving in Edmonton?

Many people rely on having a vehicle – for work, commuting or daily living. Going without simply isn’t an option. If you’re facing impaired driving charges in Edmonton, Alberta, a qualified lawyer can help you take the right steps to get the situation under control.

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