Licence Suspension For Impaired Driving in Edmonton

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Something Albertans may not be aware of is that while the “legal limit” may be .08 blood alcohol content, the BAC limit for provincial impaired driving sanctions is actually .05 blood alcohol content, due to Bill 26. Police have been able to impose suspensions for driving with .05 blood alcohol content for some time now, but Bill 26 extends the powers of suspension and seizure.

A licence suspension for drinking and driving begins as soon as police find your blood alcohol to be .05 BAC or higher while you are “in care and control of” a motor vehicle. The duration of your suspension depends on how serious the charges are.

The impaired driving defense team at Gunn Law Group has an impeccable reputation for successfully defending impaired driving charges. Most commonly, impaired driving arrests involve drinking and driving but a driver may be subject to Impaired driving charges when a law enforcement officer suspects that a substance, chemical, or condition is impairing the driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. More and more arrests occur in Alberta because the police officer suspects that the accused driver is under the influence of illegal drugs or even legal prescription medications and not necessarily alcohol.

Gunn Law Group consistently works towards maintaining a stellar reputation for defending DUI arrests through use of the following approaches:

  • Questioning the legality of the traffic stop.
  • Challenging the methods for determining sobriety.
  • Cross-examining witness’ testimony and questioning the police investigation and procedures.
  • Using an expert toxicologist’s testimony, when appropriate, to refute the Crown’s evidence.
  • Employing challenges to laws, codes, statutes and legislation.




Licence suspension for .05 blood alcohol content / BAC over .05 (under .08)

As of January 2012, Bill 26 extended the duration of licence suspensions from 24 hours to:

  • First offence: 3-day licence suspension
  • Second offence: 15-day licence suspension
  • Third offence: 30-day licence suspension

Remember that in addition to revoking your licence, an impaired driving suspension also results in vehicle seizure and additional costs for towing and impounding your vehicle.

Licence suspension for .08 blood alcohol content or higher in Alberta

In this situation you will probably be facing a sustained licence suspension until the criminal charge is resolved. Given the time it may take to undergo proceedings for a criminal charge, a sustained licence suspension for impaired driving may in effect be an indefinite suspension. You may have to wait up to a year for a court date alone. Once convicted, further penalties or restrictions will likely apply. Our experienced criminal lawyers in Edmonton can help you review other options or pursue recourse for attempting to get driving privileges back sooner.

Getting legal defence for drinking and driving charges in Edmonton,

Drinking and driving is a regrettable mistake with real consequences that you now have to face. Don’t compound your mistake by facing them alone; get a qualified lawyer to aid in your defence.

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