Hit and Run Charges in Edmonton

Hit and run charges are dealt with severely. If you were involved in an accident in Edmonton and failed to remain at the scene until authorities arrived, you are guilty of fleeing the scene of an accident. This offence becomes more serious if you were impaired at the time of the incident. Whether the accident involves bodily injury or not, if you have fled the scene you can, and will, face serious penalties not to mention criminal and civil charges. Fleeing the scene of an accident can result in fines, license suspension, and possibly a jail sentence. The post-car-accident obligations in Edmonton are to stay at the scene of the accident. You will need a criminal defense lawyer to present your case at your trial.

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Penalties for Hit and Run Charges

Provincial law dictates that all drivers have the legal obligation to carry out a certain due process in the aftermath of an accident where they were at fault. Failing to do so will result in a hit-and-run charges being laid against you. Albeit, even witnesses are encouraged to remain at the scene and later provide testimony at the trial. In addition to the criminal charge associated with hit-and-run, or fleeing the scene of the accident, there will be the associated fines and obligations to pay for damages to the other party’s vehicle and medical expenses (if applicable).

Post Car Accident Obligations in Edmonton

  • Exchanging contact and insurance information.
  • Leave your insurance and contact info with unattended vehicles.
  • Speak to the police (if required)

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