Drug Related DUIs in Alberta

Not all impaired driving charges are the result of alcohol consumption. Even with a blood alcohol content of 0.00, it is possible for a driver to be given a DUI charge if they are found to be under the influence of both prescription and recreational drugs. In Alberta, the use of prescription drugs to treat illnesses such as insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and/or depression is becoming increasingly more common; this has lead to an increase in drug related DUIs as people may become impaired as a side effect of the medication.

The number of drug related impaired driving charges is rising steadily as it is possible for almost any drug (prescribed or not) to be classified as a narcotic. Driving under the influence of prescription and recreational drugs is becoming almost as common as alcohol related DUIs in Alberta.

Signs that indicate possible drug-related impaired driving

Altered pupils (dilated or reduced)
Rapid breathing
Slurred or fast speech
Eye redness
Decreased motor function
Erratic driving behaviours
Inability to focus/pay attention

Types of prescription drugs that may impair driving ability

If you have been prescribed medication, it is important to research side effects that may impair your driving. The following kinds of medication are known to have effects that impact your ability to drive:

Cold and allergy medication
Anti-anxiety medication
Some antidepressants
Products that contain codeine
Tranquilizers/sleeping pills
Pain relievers
Diet pills, “stay awake” drugs, and other drugs containing stimulants*

*drugs containing stimulants may cause excitability OR drowsiness in certain people

Common recreational drugs related to DUI charges


Edmonton DUI lawyers defending against drugged driving charges

If you have been charged with driving under the influence of prescription or illegal narcotics, you are facing severe penalties and potentially a criminal record. The DUI lawyers at Gunn Law group are experienced with cases like yours, and can help defend you against the charges that you’re facing. Proving that a specific narcotic was consumed because it was prescribed can be a difficult task, which is why you need our criminal lawyers on your side.

Don’t let a drug related DWI charge take away your freedoms, the team at Gunn Law is here to help. Call us today.