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Cocaine possession in Edmonton is a serious offence. The Crown has undertaken extensive efforts to prosecute cocaine possession or cocaine trafficking to the fullest extent of the law. Narcotics, their distribution, importation, and use are seen as a destabilizing factor in society and result in many types of crimes and gang-related activity.

Cocaine is considered a heavy drug by society and a blight related to the relatively good economic state of Alberta. Police officers have seen a resurgence amongst users and traffickers. Regardless of first time drug offense, or individuals with multiple drug charges, the Crown will pursue these cocaine possession and cocaine trafficking charges aggressively.

If you are charged with cocaine possession in Edmonton, Alberta, you should immediately seek the advice of a criminal lawyer. It is important that you work with an experienced representative to know your rights and understand the consequences of being found guilty.

Penalties Related to Cocaine Possession or Cocaine Trafficking

In many cases, it is alleged that cocaine is related to extreme gang-related violence and leads to a multitude of ancillary crime within the community. As such, the Crown will often seek the maximum penalty for people caught with cocaine for either the purpose of personal consumption or distribution in Alberta.

Cocaine possession charges in Alberta can lead to a 7 year prison sentence under an indictable offense, while the maximum sentence for those convicted of cocaine trafficking is a term of imprisonment for life. Do not face these charges alone. It is very important you understand all your options when facing prison time. Contact our criminal defense lawyers now.





Crack Cocaine Possession and Crack Cocaine Trafficking

In Alberta, the law draws no distinction between cocaine in its pure form and crack cocaine. If charged with possession of crack cocaine for the purposes of trafficking you will face the same severity of prison term as you would have faced if convicted of trafficking in cocaine.

In the eyes of the law, crack cocaine is no more than a modification of the controlled substance cocaine. It is often recognized that this modification has serious implications on the health of the community and user.

If you are charged with the possession of crack, or dealing crack, you should meet with our Edmonton criminal lawyers immediately. These serious charges come with heavy penalties and require the skill of an experienced narcotics lawyer.

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