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Charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking?

A charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking may be added to or replace a drug possession charge if a substantial amount of drugs, drug paraphernalia, or other items are found. A conviction for drug trafficking can lead to serious consequences that could follow you for the rest of your life. Whether it is a charge of marijuana possession or a more serious charge like drug trafficking, it is very important to choose a drug lawyer who has a reputation for solid criminal defence work. When so much is at stake, you can trust the criminal defense team at Gunn Law Group to fight for your rights and properly handle your drug trafficking case.

Our drug trafficking defence experience will give you peace of mind

Drug trafficking penalties for a criminal conviction often include house arrest or significant prison terms. If you or someone you know wants to avoid a serious drug trafficking penalty, contact the criminal defence lawyers at Gunn Law Group. We have decades of experience in successfully challenging the prosecution’s case by scrutinizing the drug trafficking arrest, the police investigation and the collection of evidence.

Alberta drug possession laws generally prohibit any person from being in possession of and trafficking in illegal and illicit substances. These include substances such as marijuana, ecstasy, crystal meth or cocaine. To prove trafficking, though, the prosecution must provide evidence that the accused person had both control over the illegal substance and knowledge that the substance is illicit, or that it was held out to be such, and that the purpose of the possession was in order to traffic (or sell to others) the drugs found. Trafficking is a serious charge which requires experienced counsel.

The criminal law lawyers and drug lawyers at Gunn Law Group have successfully defended a multitude of clients who have been arrested and charged with illegally trafficking substances such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, heroin, OxyContin, painkillers and prescription drugs.





Reasons That Your Drug Charges May Be Dropped In Alberta

In every defence of a drug trafficking case, one question dominates the inquiry: was the evidence obtained lawfully? If the police performed an illegal search and seizure, the defence can argue that the evidence obtained as a result of the illegal search ought to be excluded from evidence. We know the laws and can determine the best defense strategy based on these laws. We test the police investigation and prosecution’s case by scrutinizing the following:

  • Was a search warrant issued?
  • Was the warrant executed properly?
  • Did the Information to obtain the warrant set out proper grounds for the search?
  • Was there probable cause to issue a search warrant?
  • Was there probable cause to allow a wiretap?
  • Is the quality of the evidence against you questionable?

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A conviction for a drug trafficking charge can have a devastating impact on the rest of your life — your work and career, your financial situation, and your family could be affected forever. If you have been arrested on a drug trafficking charge, don’t risk your future — contact the defense team of drug defence lawyers at Gunn Law Group.

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