What Is Alberta’s Ignition Interlock Program?

Having ignition interlock put into your vehicle is like having a personal breathalyzer device installed. The device polices your actions by testing your blood alcohol the same way as a breathalyzer, either allowing or restricting driving privileges depending on the result.

If you test over the limit, the interlock will prevent your vehicle from starting. Every time you get into the vehicle for the duration of the interlock program, you will have to test yourself before you can start your vehicle.

Who has to get an ignition interlock in Alberta?

Ignition interlock is mandatory for all drivers convicted of having operated a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content twice or more over the legal limit or who were convicted of refusing to provide a sample. Those convicted of impaired driving-related offences who do not fall into one of those two categories may choose to avail themselves of the device as it allows them to drive when they toherwise would have been prohibited. If you have questions about the ignition interlock program, it would be wise to consult a lawyer.

Mandatory ignition interlock program costs in Alberta

Drivers who must have mandatory ignition interlock are required to shoulder costs for program application, course, device installation, device rental, restricted licence application driver’s test and device removal. Repeat offenders may also have to pay for court-mandated addictions assessment and monitoring.

Costs of the Interlock program in Alberta

  • $63 application fee plus Registry Agent fees
  • $150 + GST one-time installation fee
  • $105 + GST monthly rental fee
  • $50 + GST for removal
  • $220 for “Planning Ahead” Driver Program / $750 for the “Impact” Driver Program (costs subject to
  • change).
  • Restricted operator’s licence and road test fees.




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