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Shannon Gunn Emery

Shannon Prithipaul | Gunn Law Group

Shannon Gunn Emery, formerly known as Shannon KC Prithipaul, went to Antigonish, Nova Scotia in 1988 to study in a Bachelor of Science Program at St. Frances Xavier University. After two years in sciences, Shannon changed into the arts program and in 1991 received her Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Shannon then went to the University of Alberta and enrolled in the Bachelor of Education Program at La Faculté Saint Jean. Shannon completed her Bachelor of Education in French with Distinction in 1993. She completed her Bachelor of Law degree in 2001. While in Law School, Shannon received two awards for advocacy: the Al Schumiatcher Prize in second year and the Gordon Wright QC Memorial Award in third year. Shannon received specialized training on the Intoxilyzer 5000C in Calgary in 2004, the Intoxilyzer 8000C in 2008 and the Intox EC IR II in 2012. She received training in drug recognition in the context of drug impaired driving in 2017. Shannon runs trials and can conduct appeals in either official language.

In 2008, Shannon was admitted to the Law Society of the Northwest Territories and in 2012 was admitted to the Yukon Bar. Shannon was President of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association from 2013 to 2015. She trained as, and received her designation as, a collaborative family lawyer and as a mediator in 2017.

Shannon’s interests include cycling, sewing, snow-boarding, and in-line skating.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith | Gunn Law Group

Steve began his articles with Gunn Law Group in the summer of 2011. Our firm and our clients have come to appreciate Steve’s diligence and enthusiasm for the law, as well as his quirky sense of humour. Since his arrival at the office, Steve has proven to be a formidable advocate. His work in a number of cases has been ground-breaking. He has represented clients at all levels of court in Alberta. In 2015, Steve was awarded the Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association’s “Top Gunn” award for advocacy.

Adam Klassen

Adam Klassen | Gunn Law Group

Adam obtained Honours in his Bachelors of Sciences degree in 2006 at Thompson Rivers University before going on to complete his Juris Doctor of Laws at the University of Alberta in 2013. While in university, he was a project coordinator for Student Legal Services. Adam was admitted to the bar in 2014. Since then, Adam has run trials in Provincial Court as well as the Court of Queen’s Bench and run appeals of administrative license suspensions before the Transportation Safety Board. Gunn Law Group was pleased to welcome Adam to its firm in 2017.

Carmen Boucher

Carmen Boucher | Gunn Law Group

Practicing in Family Law, Wills and Estates, and Adult Guardianship matters, Carmen is passionate about helping clients navigate their legal matters via negotiation and settlement rather than through adversarial processes, if possible. While Carmen has successfully litigated a number of family law and estate matters, she firmly believes that a collaborative, respectful approach helps all parties emerge from the process in a much better place. However, she also understands that a collaborative approach may not be available in all situations and she will strongly advocate for her client in court when it is appropriate.

Coming from a small, francophone community in rural northern Alberta helps Carmen to understand the situation of Albertans and their families. She has been a Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer since 2017 and participated in collaborative training for estate lawyers in 2018. Carmen is focused on assisting clients be more involved in the outcome of their divorce and estate matters in order to better meet their needs.

Carmen is also a trained mediator and is always pleased to help clients who prefer to work together to reach the best possible solution for their family in that manner. Mediation allows all parties to make their own decisions and to choose the route to their future.

As a French-speaking Albertan, Carmen is happy to speak with clients in French and also welcomes the opportunity to assist people in the LGBTQ community as well as those with alternative lifestyles.

Sean Hume

Sean Hume | Gunn Law Group

Sean started with the firm as a Student at Law in mid-2017 and came to Gunn Law with court experience already. While completing his studies at the University of Alberta, Sean worked extensively with Student Legal Services. Sean also worked as a judicial clerk in the past. We are pleased to announce that Sean joined our Criminal Law team permanently in July 2018.

Rebecca Cuthbertson-Hulst

Rebecca Cuthbertson-Hulst | Gunn Law Group
In December 2018, Rebecca M. J. Cuthbertson Hulst joined Gunn Law Group from Torch Law & Mediation, with her motto: “Lighting the pathways to resolution”. At Gunn Law Group, she will be practicing primarily as a Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer, as Independent Counsel for Children and Youth, and as a Child-Inclusive Mediator.

Rebecca has a passion for Family Law. Since her call to the bar in 2003, she has been educating and assisting clients in navigating the rocky terrain of family law issues. She assists her clients to become full participants in the settlement process by explaining the law and discussing the clients’ options to help reach amicable resolutions outside of Court whenever possible. Rebecca trained as an Independent Counsel for children and youth in 2005, and she has been a Mediator and Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer since 2010.

When she is not at work or with her family, Rebecca enjoys speaking and judging at Toastmasters events; she is a regular donor with Canadian Blood Services; and she sits on the National Family Section of the Canadian Bar Association as the Branch Chair for Alberta (North).

Gil Miciak

Gil Miciak | Gunn Law Group

Gunn Law group is pleased to announce that Gil Miciak will be joining the firm as their articling student in 2020. Gil has worked at the Crown’s office and as a clerk with the Courts. We are very pleased to welcome him to Gunn Law Group. It will be a bit of a wait as Gil will complete part of his articles with the Courts before joining us sometime in April, 2020. In the meantime, the firm will not be hiring any other students.