December 10, 2013

Impaired Driving And Christmas Work Parties

Every year employees across Alberta look forward to their annual Christmas work party. It’s a time to socialize with those you work with, outside of work hours, as you look forward to working together in the new coming year. However, alcohol consumption can lead to not only inappropriate moments during your corporate Christmas party, but can cause much larger problems later in the evening as staff make their way home. If you are the corporate host of a Christmas party this year, keep in mind that the courts in Alberta consider employers to be of similar responsibility and liability as a restaurant or bar owner. That means that once an employee leaves your hosted care, you may still have an associated responsibility if that individual has been in a motor vehicle accident or charged with impaired driving.

While planning this years Christmas party, consider these tips to help keep your employees safe while practicing due diligence for your company.

It All Starts With An Invitation

When inviting employees to a corporate Christmas party it is important to clearly state that attendance is not mandatory. However, those planning to attend should be aware that you have provided a free taxi service to and from the event. It is also recommended that you encourage attendee’s to invite their respective spouse or partner, as individuals tend to behave more responsibly along side their ‘better half’.

Slow The Pour

With Bill 26 in place it does not take very much alcohol to blow over .05 . But the chances of this happening to your employees can be reduced by providing non-alcoholic beverages, as well as an attractive food spread to slow alcohol consumption. Also consider hiring experienced bar staff who carry insurance while capping the volume of alcohol available. The use of drink tickets and setting a shut off time for your bar can also help tame alcohol indulgence at your party.

Secure Safe Transport For All Guests

Using a free taxi chit service for guests coming and leaving your event is an ideal measure for keeping your most valued asset off the roads. It is also recommended that you host the party at a venue that provides over night stays (ie. a hotel) and that managers attending the party are expected not to indulge but monitor staff for alcohol consumption. At the sight of an intoxicated employee, managers should be expected to arrange safe taxi transport for the individual.

Have You Been Charged With Drunk Driving In Edmonton?

If you are facing drinking and driving charges this Christmas, contact our drunk driving lawyers in Edmonton immediately so we can help build your case and possibly have your charges dropped or reduced. Drunk driving charges in Alberta are very serious and have a direct impact on your family, community, and career. Call our impaired driving lawyers in Edmonton today!





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