June 26, 2013

Edmonton Police Service Prepared for Canada Day

EPS is encouraging Edmontonians to act responsibly on Canada Day this year.

As with all high traffic times, generally around the holidays, Edmonton Police Service will be trying their best to maintain a safe environment for patrons of Canada Day celebrations around Edmonton.

Edmonton Police Service have publicly stated their goals to be:

  1. Ensuring the safety of all members of the public;
  2. Ensuring the safety of emergency services personnel and their partners;
  3. Protection of Property.

Drinking & Driving

Edmonton Police Service will be stepping up their traffic presence and will have their Checkstop program out to combat driving who are intoxicated. The majority of driving under the influence charges are laid during routine traffic stops. Do not expect that avoiding a Checkstop while intoxicated will mean you will not be caught. DUI charges will have a serious effect on your future.

Public Intoxication

Public intoxication is an offence. If you choose to consume alcohol, know your limitations. Open liquor, urinating in public and loud, obnoxious and/or aggressive behaviour are all offences and will prompt police attention.

Large Crowds

Edmonton Police Service are responsible for maintaining order and safety. Anticipated festivities may result in large crowds. Police will enforce strict policy during these times. If you are asked by an officer to stop an inappropriate behaviour and you choose to repeat that behaviour, you will be removed from the area until your attitude and behaviour improves.

Charged with a Crime

If you are charged with a crime over the Canada Day long weekend, be sure to contact us. Our staff are dedicated to working with you to overcome your legal barriers during this difficult time.





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