October 19, 2013

Drug And Weapon Seizure In Onoway, Alberta

Two men and a woman from the Onoway area are facing numerous charges in relation to the seizure of $125,000 in drugs and weapons.

Upon completing their investigation, the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams arrested Ernest Calihoo, Justin Mcleod, and Jennifer McCauley. During the raid of the Onoway residence police officials seized 101 marijuana plants, 3.5-pounds of processed and packaged marijuana, and four grams of marijuana oil, and drug trafficking paraphernalia. Police also seized a large cache of weapons that included 27 high power rifles, three shotguns, seven handguns, and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

Police officials have estimated the street value of all the seized products as more than $125,000.

McCauley and Mcleod are each facing 54 charges, while Calihoo is facing seven.





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